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Abraham Lincoln in the Kitchen
A Culinary View of Lincoln's Life and Times

Author: Rae Katherine Eighmey
ISBN 13: 9781588344557
ISBN 10: 158834455X

How a Midwestern cook and food historian uncovered authentic 19th-century recipes, converted them for use in the modern kitchen, and used them to develop a complex understanding of Lincoln's life and times.


Abraham Lincoln: An Extraordinary Life

Author: Harry R. Rubenstein and the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History
ISBN 13: 978-1-58834-263-8
ISBN 10: 1588342638

Commemorating the 200th anniversary of Lincoln's birth, here is Lincoln's extraordinary story as only the Smithsonian could tell it, featuring the Lincoln collections at the National Museum of American History.


Ballyhoo, Buckaroo, and Spuds
Ingenious Tales of Words and Their Origins

Author: Michael Quinion
ISBN 13: 978-1-58834-219-5
ISBN 10: 1-58834-219-0

"For word lovers, this book is indispensable."—Booklist


Capital Views
Historic Photographs of Washington, DC, Alexandria and Loudon County, Virginia, and Frederick County, Maryland

Author: James M. Goode
ISBN 13: 9781588343314
ISBN 10: 1588343314

An exquisite selection of rarely seen photographs of landmarks, architecture, neighborhoods, and citizenry of our nation's capital from the city's first expansions to World War II.


Counting the Days
POWs, Internees, and Stragglers of World War II in the Pacific

Author: Craig B. Smith
ISBN 13: 978-1-58834-355-0
ISBN 10: 1-58834-355-3

Counting the Days is the story of six prisoners of war imprisoned by both sides during the WWII conflict the Japanese called the "Pacific War."


Encompassing the Globe
Portugal and the World in the 16th & 17th Centuries

Author: Edited by Jay A. Levenson
ISBN 13: 978-1-58834-245-4
ISBN 10: 1-58834-245-X

Portugal’s contacts with the venerable kingdoms and empires of Africa and Asia, and later with the vast expanse of Brazil, led to unprecedented examples of cultural exchange, including the creation of strikingly beautiful and highly original works of art.

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