Lee Ufan: Open Dimension

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The beautiful companion volume to Lee Ufan's largest site-specific outdoor sculpture project in the U.S.

In fall 2019, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden debuts 10 new specially commissioned outdoor sculptures from celebrated Korean artist Lee Ufan. This book accompanies the expansive installation, which features sculptures from the artist's signature and continuing "Relatum" series and marks the first exhibition of Lee's work in the nation's capital. For the first time in the Hirshhorn Museum's 44-year history, its 4.3-acre outdoor plaza will be devoted entirely to the work of a single artist, and this book is a beautiful commemoration or keepsake of that event.

Lee is a founder of the late 1960s artistic movement Mono-ha, or "School of Things," so his artwork represents an encounter between the viewer, the materials, and the site. The sculptures in this installation and book reflect this: all of the sculptures respond to the museum's unique architecture and continue Lee's iconic practice of placing contrasting materials, such as stainless steel plates and boulders, in dialogue with one another to heighten awareness of the world. The book features more than 100 color illustrations, including preliminary sketches, photographs of the artist selecting materials for the work, images of the installation process, shots of installed sculptures, details of installed sculptures, and more. Accompanying these powerful images are a foreword, essays, artist interview, and short captions that highlight how the works are rooted in contemplation and sensation rather than static representation. Lee Ufan: Open Dimension offers readers an intimate look at the work, artistic process, and impact of one of the pioneering figures of postwar art.

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Lee Ufan and The Hirshorn Museum Sculpture Garden
LEE UFAN emerged in the late 1960s as one of the founders and major proponents of the avant-garde Mono-ha, or "School of Things" group, among Japan's first internationally renowned contemporary art movements. Lee has been the subject of more than 140 one-artist exhibitions around the world. THE HIRSHHORN MUSEUM AND SCULPTURE GARDEN is the national museum of modern and contemporary art and a leading voice for 21st-century art and culture.

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