The Stone Carvers: Master Craftsmen of Washington National Cathedral
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Marjorie Hunt presents the lives and careers of two Italian American master stone carvers, Roger Morigi and Vincent Palumbo, who have spent decades creating the sculptural works, such as gargoyles, grotesques, capitals, pinnacles, saints, and angels that embellish Washington National Cathedral. Exploring the carvers' underlying aesthetic attitudes, Hunt reveals the spirit of creativity and mastery that infuses their work. The book records the stone-carving process, highlighting the carvers' complex body of technical knowledge—their opinions of various stones, their preferred tools for different stages of carving, and their techniques for achieving effects of light and shadow.
ISBN 10: 1588342476
ISBN 13: 9781588342478

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Author Information
Marjorie Hunt
Marjorie Hunt is a folklorist with the Smithsonian's Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage and is the coproducer and codirector of The Stone Carvers, an Academy Award-winning documentary about the stone carvers in this book.
Review Quotes
A pleasure to read, as much a meditation on living life as it is on cutting stone.
—Washington Times
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