Queen Bess: Daredevil Aviator
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Here is the brief but intense life of Bessie Coleman, America's first African American woman aviator. Born in 1892 in Atlanta, Texas, she became known as “Queen Bess,” a barnstormer and flying-circus performer who defied the strictures of race, sex, and society in pursuit of a dream.
ISBN 10: 1560986182
ISBN 13: 9781560986188

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Author Information
Doris L. Rich
Doris L. Rich's varied career as a reporter, writer, photographer, and teacher has taken her all over the world, from Michigan to Guam, Korea, Shanghai, Bangladesh, and Africa.
Review Quotes
A vivid portrait of a remarkable woman. . . . A timely and engaging introduction to a woman of stunning accomplishment and courage who deserves a place of high honor in the pantheon of early flying.
—Kirkus Reviews
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