First Ladies of the United States
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Each first lady has brought her own priorities and flair to the position that has never been officially defined. They have served as hostesses, trendsetters, activists, and political players. First Ladies of the United States features 84 portraits of the nation's first ladies, as varied in style and representation as the individual women they depict. From watercolors and oil paintings to engravings and photographs, this book celebrates the legacy of first ladies throughout history. First ladies are some of the most scrutinized public figures in the country, praised or criticized on everything from their fashion to their level of political involvement. There's no better way to explore their visibility and lasting impact than with First Ladies of the United States, which places remarkable portraits alongside an insightful essay and lively entries that illuminate the history of the women who have shaped the White House.
ISBN 10: 1588346943
ISBN 13: 978-158834694
ISBN 13: 1588346943

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National Portrait Gallery
The National Portrait Gallery, which averages one million visits per year, is dedicated to the exhibition and study of portraits of people who have made significant contributions to American history and culture. It is the only museum of its kind in the United States to reflect the connection between American history, biography, and art.
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