Conservation Concerns: A Guide for Collectors and Curators
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Written in accessible, nontechnical language, this book's twenty-three essays provide invaluable conservation guidelines for a variety of materials and media. Focusing also on proper storage techniques and environmental control, contributors offer information on emergency planning, disaster management, and identifying damages that may require professional treatment.
ISBN 10: 1560981741
ISBN 13: 9781560981749

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Author Information
Konstanze Bachmann
Konstanze Bachmann is the paper conservator at Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution.
Review Quotes
The volume is remarkable for its clarity of presentation. . . . Information is detailed and comprehensive yet straightforward, practical, and useful. . . . Curators, collections managers, and directors will find this an invaluable resource for assessing, monitoring, and upgrading existing problems and conditions, and for planning and prioritizing their long-range storage needs.
A good starting point for the proper care and preservation of valuable antiques and artifacts.
—The Antiquer's Guide
This concise book can be recommended as a useful guide for storage planning and as a general introduction to conservation options for curators of fine arts and decorative arts collections.
—Studies in Conservation
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