From Knowledge to Narrative: Educators and the Changing Museum
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From Knowledge to Narrative shows that museum educators—professionals responsible for making collections intelligble to viewers—have become central figures in shaping exhibits. Challenging the traditional, scholarly presentation of objects, educators argue that, rather than transmitting knowledge, museums' displays should construct narratives that are determined as much by what is meaningful to visitors as by what curators intend.

Lisa C. Roberts discusses museum education in relation to entertainment, as a tool of empowerment, as a shaper of experience, and as an ethical responsibility. The book argues for an expanded role for museum education based less on explaining objects than on interpreting narratives.
ISBN 10: 1560987065
ISBN 13: 9781560987062

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Author Information
Lisa C. Roberts
Lisa C. Roberts is the director of conservatories for the Chicago Park District and is the former manager of public programming at the Chicago Botanic Garden. She has contributed to numerous publications on museum education, interpretation, and visitor studies.
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