Masters of Movement: Portraits of America's Great Choreographers

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Where does the impulse to create originate? How does one cope with the highs and lows of the artist's life? What is the choreographer's responsibility to the dancers, the audience, the self? These are just a few of the probing questions that Rose Eichenbaum, a dancer turned photographer, asks 59 of America's most celebrated choreographers in her five-year quest to understand the secrets of creativity.

A collection of photographic portraits and vignettes based on intimate conversations, Masters of Movement takes us on a rare journey into the world of dance, from the concert stage and Broadway to feature films and music videos. Whether through her lens or through the revelations emanating from her masterful interviews, Eichenbaum has succeeded in capturing the essential character of her subjects, who confide experiences and emotions that have driven their creativity and defined their styles.

Masters of Movement will inform, empower, and inspire anyone on the creative path—and delight lovers of dance everywhere.

Author Information

Rose Eichenbaum
Rose Eichenbaum, a dance teacher for more than 25 years, is one of the most highly respected photojournalists working in the dance field today. Her articles and photographs have appeared in nationally acclaimed publications, including Dance, Dance Spirit, Dance Teacher, Point, and Dancer. She lives in Encino, California.

Review Quotes

Eichenbaum's firsthand knowledge of dance, her passion for dancing and the people who do it, and her appreciation of the minutiae of lives, both everyday and Olympian, all combine to open windows onto the soul of dance and the lives of those who helped to define and shape the art in 20th-century America.
—Jennifer Dunning
The uncanny intelligence and grace with which Rose Eichenbaum has exposed the intention and essence of each performer move me. Then there are her words. Rose is a storyteller, and she tells the stories of the greatest American choreographers of the second half of the 20th-century. Her contribution to the preservation of our art form is a gift.
—Barbara Kaplan
The unique pairing of provocative photographs with personal and informal biographical interviews is full of important insights into both the art and craft of dance. An appealing book rich with significant content.
—Allegra Fuller Snyder

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