Smithsonian Journal
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Pretty and practical, compact and sturdy, this journal inspires the imagination. Give your thoughts, plans, and dreams a beautiful home in this lavish Smithsonian Journal. With motivational quotations from celebrated figures and a range of stunning objects from across the Smithsonian collections, this journal pops with inspiration, history, and culture. The stamped, faux-leather cover is elegant and durable, there's a ribbon marker to hold your place, and the journal's pocket size and rounded edges make it perfect for journaling on-the-go. Whether you're brainstorming, doodling, making lists, or writing the next great American novel, the stunning illustrated spreads that feature objects from Muhammad Ali's boxing gloves to the Freer Gallery's extravagant Peacock Room will encourage your best and brightest ideas.
ISBN 10: 1588347052
ISBN 13: 1588347052

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Smithsonian Institution
Smithsonian Institution is the largest museum complex in the world, and its National Air and Space Museum is one of the most popular sites in Washington, D.C., where its galleries showcase the spectrum of flying machines from the 1903 Wright Flyer to SpaceShipOne.
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