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Dragonflies and damselflies have lived on earth for hundreds of millions of years, and there are thousands of different species living in watery environments throughout the world. But few people will have looked beyond the flash of blue, red, green or yellow to consider the lives of dragonflies.

These masters of aerial combat are the best fliers in the animal kingdon. Harmless to humans, yet a dreaded predator in the insect world, dragonflies swoop after prey, fight rivals, hover like helicopters as they defend territory, and engage in elaborate courtship displays. Brooks explains how ferocious larvae bloom into masters of aerial predation and reveals the beauty and complex lives of these intriguing insects.
ISBN 10: 1588340643
ISBN 13: 9781588340641

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Author Information
Steve Brooks
Steve Brooks is a research entomologist with The Natural History Museum, London.
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