Fishes of Alabama
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An enormous, superbly illustrated book that reveals the astounding diversity of Alabama’s fishes through brilliant color plates by Joseph Tomelleri and incredibly detailed information from the authors. These two leading scientists have dedicated years to documenting the diets, growth rates, reproduction, sizes, distribution, and status of Alabama’s fishes, and they present this wealth of information in a helpful, user-friendly format. Keys to the species provide fast, accurate identification and allow anglers to determine the species of fish they have just caught. Ideal for everyone interested in the diversity of our world.
ISBN 10: 158834004X
ISBN 13: 9781588340047

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Author Information
Herbert T. Boschung Jr. , Richard L. Mayden, Joseph Tomelleri, and Edward O. Wilson
HERBERT T. BOSCHUNG, JR. is professor emeritus at the University of Alabama. RICHARD L. MAYDEN is an endowed chair of natural sciences and chair of the Department of Biology at St. Louis University. JOSEPH TOMELLERI has illustrated many books, including Trout and Salmon of North America. EDWARD O. WILSON is a two-time Pulitzer prize-winner and native Alabamian.
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