Meteorites: A Journey through Space and Time
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The authors trace the formation and breakup of the planets, asteroids, and comets where meteorites originated, their long journey through space, their fall to Earth, their recovery, and what scientists are learning from them. The book contains a great deal of material about the “84001 Martian meteorite,” which has raised provocative new questions about life on the red planet. Looking forward, the authors chart the exciting new era of planetary, asteroidal, and cometary exploration planned for this century.
ISBN 10: 158834021X
ISBN 13: 9781588340214

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Author Information
Alex Bevan and John de Laeter
ALEX BEVAN is curator of minerals and meteorites at the Western Australian Museum in Perth; JOHN DE LAETER is emeritus professor of physics at Curtin University in Perth.
Review Quotes
Informative and visually appealing, this title meets any library's need for a basic source on meteorites.
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