Moths: A Complete Guide to Biology and Behavior
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Accessible introduction to the biology, life cycle, natural history, and classification of moths

Moths are a crucial insect group encompassing more than 160,000 species, and they are among the most ancient of Earth's inhabitants, with some fossils believed to be 190 million years old. This richly illustrated guide to their biology, evolution, and history demonstrates the incredible diversity of these winged insects and reveals the ruthless survival tactics used by some--including blood-sucking moths, cannibalism in the cocoon, and carnivorous caterpillars. The book also explores their extraordinary life cycle, charting development from egg to larva to cocoon to airborne adult, as well as the surprising variations of color and wing patterns that moths have evolved. Engaging narrative and specially commissioned photographs of moth specimens make Moths: A Complete Guide to Biology and Behavior a perfect gift book for scientists and science enthusiasts alike.
ISBN 10: 1588346544
ISBN 13: 9781588346544

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Author Information
David Lees and Alberto Zilli
DAVID LEES is a Curator or Microlepidoptera at the Natural History Museum, London. ALBERTO ZILLI is a Curator of Lepidoptera at the Natural History Museum, London.
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