The Smithsonian Atlas of the Amazon
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The Amazon River flows more than 4,000 miles through the world's greatest rainforest, into the Amazon delta, and finally into the Atlantic Ocean. This extraordinary atlas is the first comprehensive view of not only the Amazon River but also its thirteen major tributaries. More than 150 color maps and nearly 300 vivid photographs provide spectacular views of the river and rainforest. Along the way, the authors explore many intriguing topics such as why some of the Amazon’s tributaries have black water, what happens when the freshwater of the Amazon reaches the salty ocean, and why we all should be concerned about the deforestation that contributes to the loss of species biodiversity.
ISBN 10: 1588341356
ISBN 13: 9781588341358

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Author Information
Michael Goulding, Ronaldo Barthem, and Efrem Ferreira
MICHAEL GOULDING is a rainforest ecologist with the Amazon Conservation Alliance and author of several books, including Floods of Fortune. RONALDO BARTHEM is a biologist with the Goeldi Museum in Belém, Brazil. EFREM FERREIRA is a fisheries ecologist with the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas de Amazônia in Manaus, Brazil.
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