The Story of Science: Aristotle Leads the Way
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Readers will travel back in time to ancient Babylonia, Egypt, and Greece. They will meet the world's first astronomers, mathematicians, and physicists and explore the lives and ideas of such famous people as Pythagoras, Archimedes, Brahmagupta, al-Khwarizmi, Fibonacci, Ptolemy, St. Augustine, and St. Thomas Aquinas. Hakim will introduce them to Aristotle—one of the greatest philosophers of all time—whose scientific ideas dominated much of the world for eighteen centuries.

In the three-book The Story of Science series, master storyteller Joy Hakim narrates the evolution of scientific thought from ancient times to the present. With lively, character-driven narrative, Hakim spotlights the achievements of some of the world's greatest scientists and encourages a similiar spirit of inquiry in readers. The books include hundreds of color photographs, charts, maps, and diagrams; informative sidebars; suggestions for further reading; and excerpts from the writings of great scientists.
ISBN 10: 1588341607
ISBN 13: 9781588341600

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Author Information
Joy Hakim
Author of the prize-winning series A History of US, Joy Hakim is the recipient of the James Michener Award in Writing and the Gold and Silver Parents' Choice Awards in Writing.
Review Quotes
As a good—even great—teacher, Hakim knows exactly where students might stumble and is always there, making sure they don't.
—Natural History
Hakim has interwoven creation myths, history, physics, and mathematics to present a seamless, multifaceted view of the foundation of modern science. . . . At its essence, the book displays the most appealing aspect of science and mathematics: that advances result from a practical need solved by curious minds.
—School Library Journal, starred review
When master storyteller Joy Hakim wields her pen, take heart: you're in for a breathtaking adventure.
—American Educator
If Leonardo da Vinci had studied school science, he would have been fascinated with The Story of Science.
—NSTA Recommends
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