Tex Johnston: Jet-Age Test Pilot
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One of America's most daring and accomplished test pilots, Tex Johnston flew the first US jet airplanes and, in a career spanning the 1930s through the 1970s, helped create the jet age at such pioneering aersospace companies as Bell Aircraft and Boeing.
ISBN 10: 1560989319
ISBN 13: 9781560989318

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Author Information
A. M. "Tex" Johnston
A. M. "Tex" Johnston was a test pilot for Bell Aircraft and Boeing.
Review Quotes
There seem to be two Tex Johnstons: the one who became legendary in 1955 for performing two barrel rolls with the Boeing 707 prototype . . . and the man who brought to flight testing a far more meticulous approach than had ever been used before. . . . Johnston is of the barnstorming generation . . . [and] in his memoir’s best moments you can smell the oil on the grass.
—Air & Space
Fascinating reading.
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